Safe Charging with Data Blocker

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Some days ago I read an article of Federal Office for Information Security about charging mobile devices at public USB points. People travelling a lot may know this kind of situation, you go to a restaurant and connect your device to the charging point next to the table. Nothing special so far, but there is some danger with integrated malware in public USB stations. This attack is called “Juice Jacking” and implements malware on the plugged device.
See additional information on wikipedia.

Original Post German Federal Office for Information Security

This information is not a brandnew one, after some research there are multiple articels with warnings about Juice Jacking.

A few days ago I ordered so called “data blocker” which I want to introduce at this platform. They are available in different shapes and colors. I don’t want to advertise special products so there is no link to buy them.

You may see that USB-TypA is missing some pipelines so it’s not possible to exchange data. I took two different kind of adapters, USB-C and TypA so I can face nearly every scenario (total cost about 17€).

If you don’t want to buy an extra adapter set you can also use your powersupply and use a normal socket instead of USB stations. Safe charging to everyone.

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