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Lot of people already know the new Microsoft strategy for blocking outdated Exchange OnPrem Versions in hybrid environments. See this old article which describes the most important informations, see also the timeline for throttling and blocking.

After some time the Exchange Teams announced an new article about pausing this enforcement with throttling and blocking.
Original Blogpost

You can have a look on this throttling inside your Exchange AdminCenter.

Because my tenant does not host an hybrid exchange there is nothing to see here.

This note is quite interesting and also mentions the required PowerShell command to see the related informations.

See the affected servers and suggested actions below, or run the Exchange Online Powershell cmdlet Get-OnPremServerReportInfo. You can also create or extend an enforcement pause by running New-TenantExemptionInfo -BlockingScenario UnpatchedOnPremServer -NumberOfDays

See this screenshot provided by Microsoft to find out if you are on Enforcement Pause

Inside this panel you should also be able to start Enforcement Pause and choose the count of day you want to stay in pause.

Enforcement Pause via PowerShell

Of course you can also do this via Exchange Online PowerShell Console.
Exchange Online PowerShell tutorial

#Exchange Online connection
#check if enforcement is active
#Throttling /Block pause activation for x days
New-TenantExemptionInfo -BlockingScenario UnpatchedOnPremServer -NumberOfDays 90
#check if pause is set
Get-TenantExemptionInfo -BlockingScenario UnpatchedOnPremServer

If you need this feature you have 90 days to migrate this old Exchange to an supported one within hybrid mailflow.
NOTE: you can also split this period of time as mentioned in the article of the Exchange Team.

Good luck for migration or updating. If you like this article please click on helpful and if there are any questions let me know in th comment section.

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Jake Clayton
Jake Clayton
2 months ago

I’m not able to view this command in my on prem exchange 2013. Is there anyway i can get it to work?

Get-OnPremServerReportInfo or

I have Server 2012 R2
Exchange 2013
Powershell 5.1
Exchangeonlinmanagement module 3.4.0

I sign in with my own creds (or also Administrator).