Windows 11 move start button left via GPO

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Some companies move to windows 11 at the moment, so there are some pratical issues. Lot of people don’t want to have the startbutton in the middle of the taskbar. Of course admins are lazy people here is a short manual how to create a GPO to manage this simple task and have start button left where it was the last 5000 years 😉

This task is not that difficult, because one registry key (dword) can do this job. Whatever you use to deploy settings to your clients (Intune, baramundi, GPOs, SCCM…), nearly every deployment can create or change registry keys.

This DWORD is located in the following registry path:

Open the registry with REGEDIT


If it already exists you changed your layout to left alignment. (You can also delete it the button directly moves to the middle).

DWORD (32bit) TaskbarAl Vaule 0 (last two characters are AL not Ai)

Another method is to use this simple powershell script (overwrites the settings if it is already set).

$taskbarAl = 0000000
$regpath = "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced"
New-ItemProperty -Path "$regpath" -Name "TaskbarAl" -Value "$taskbarAl"  -PropertyType "DWORD" -Force

If you want to deploy this setting via gpo it’s not that difficult. Create a new gpo or just use an existing one.

Create a new Registry Item in GPO settings (User Configuration)

After creating this gpo, you have to assign it to the user who want to have the button left again.

That’s it.

Hope this manual helps. If you have any questions just comment after this post and if you liked it, please click on helpful.

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