Azure AD Connect V1 retiring – Upgrade NOW!

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In september 2021 another big announcement was published by Microsoft. Azure AD Connect Version 1x is retired and will not work anymore in August 2022. So please update your Azure AD Connect Version!

On August 31 2022 all old versions of Azure AD Connect Ver. 1.x won’t work.

Resulting this announcement there are some consequences.

  • Windows Server 2012 / R2 are not supported anymore
  • DirSync / AADSync are not supported anymore (see this link if you didn’t upgrad to AADConnect)
  • Migrate your AAD Connect to Windows Server 2016 or 2019 (today Windows Server 2022 isn’t supported yet, screenshot 02/19/2021)

Those people who use an really old version of Azure AD Connect, should upgrade till august 2022, because later on syncing won’t work anymore.
I would recommend to upgrade to first to get the most current version in version 1 history. With this version you are allowed to export complete configuration as JSON file (safty first). If you have an Windows Server 2016 or later just do an inplace-upgrade in Azure AD Connect.

Download Link Version
Download Link Version

Officially every version is supported for upgrading to version 2. See this link:

Those guys who think; yes nothing to do I installed Version 2 already, check your version! Old versions also Version 2 will be retired in March 2022.
Microsoft released a new cycle for Azure AD Connect versions. It’s retiring 12 month after a new version is released so there are a lot retirements in march 2022.

Another link to know the most important changes in version 2 fo Azure AD Connect.

Stay tuned and happy upgrading. If you like this article click on “helpful” or just leave me a comment.

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