Exchange 2016 / 2019 security update November 2022 KB5019758

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Microsoft released another important Exchange security update for Exchange 2013 /2016 /2019. There are some things you have to know about that update.
First of all: Zero day vulnerability september is fixed with this update.

See the official article here and the download links:

Let’s have a look the FAQs they are really useful.

Microsoft recommends not to remove the URL rewrite workaround, only if you really want to to that. Of course you need to update Exchange to this latest november update before. EEMS is also applying the workaround some days unti signatures are updated. See this article about EEMS.

There are no changes and steps required concerning exchange hybrid, no need to restart exchange hybrid configuration wizard.

The manual way of updating is the same as it was before. Here are some informations for upgrade paths.

Of course don’t forget to run the Exchange Healthchecker after the update to see the changes made successfully.
I wish you success installing the update on Exchange. If you liked this post, please click on “helpful”.

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4 months ago

What about Exchange 2019 CU13? I can’t find anything saying one way or another if CU13 is also affected.