New Powershell cmdlets for microsoft teams

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Hi everyone,

April 25. was the day a new version of powershell cmdlets for microsoft teams. This time the cmdlets are in beta status.

This module can be installed really simple. Open an “administrative” Powershell or ISE session. Insert the following command.

Install-Module MicrosoftTeams -Force -Verbose


After installation restart powershell to see if the installation was successful.

Import-Module MicrosoftTeams
Get-Module MicrosoftTeams

After first look on the beta module, there are no revolutionary changes.

But cmdlets are worth to have a look on them.

Let’s have a look what can be done with them:

$teams = @()
$teams = get-team
foreach ($team in $teams){

  $name = (($team.DisplayName).ToString())
  write-host "teamname: $name " -ForegroundColor Yellow
  $users = @()
  $users = Get-TeamUser -GroupId $team.groupid 
  $users |Format-Table User, Name,Role -AutoSize -Wrap

The script gets all teams and their members.

the functions included in this beta can be really helpful.

Have fun.

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